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The Week Junior Summer of Reading 2023



Summer of
Reading 2023


The Week Junior wants to help you find books you love to read!

Welcome to our 2023 Summer of Reading campaign! To create this year’s reading list, we asked more than 150 children from across the country what middle-grade books they enjoy most. We took their suggestions and turned them into an exclusive list of titles. From fantasy to adventure to mystery and realistic fiction, the list is full of exciting picks you’ll want to check out.

Our Summer of Reading campaign also includes a challenge. We challenge you to read three books this summer (any books you like!) and fill out a form to tell us what you think about the books. To enter, an adult should upload the form to tinyurl.com/TWJUS-ReadingChallenge. Five winners will be drawn at random to win a bundle of books and a personal video call with one of our Author Ambassadors. The sweepstakes is open now through August 11. Happy reading!

Meet Author Ambassador Angie Thomas

  • Did you know? Angie Thomas has written young adult award-winners, such as The Hate You Give. She likes to play video games in her free time!
  • Her new book, Nic Blake and the Remarkables: The Manifestor Prophecy, is a fantasy novel full of twists and turns as Nic tries to save her dad using magic.
  • Hear Thomas talk about her new book. She made a special video for fans of The Week Junior.



Meet Author Ambassador Gordon Korman

  • Did you know? Gordon Korman has published more than 100 books for kids and teenagers. He published his first book when he was 14!
  • His new book, Mixed Up, is about two boys whose memories are swapped. It’s a blend of several genres, including sci-fi, mystery, and realistic fiction.
  • Hear Gordon Korman talk about Mixed UpHe made a special video for fans of The Week Junior.
mixed up

Meet Author Ambassador Ellen Oh

  • Did you know? Ellen Oh writes and edits fantasy books, and she is a founding member of We Need Diverse Books, a nonprofit group. She got the idea for Haru, Zombie Dog Hero while eating popcorn on the sofa with her two dogs. The book is a feel-good story about the close relationship between a boy and his dog that turns into a sci-fi adventure.
  • The Week Junior published an exclusive excerpt of Haru, Zombie Dog Hero! Read Chapter Two here!
  • Hear Ellen Oh talk about Haru, Zombie Dog Hero. She made a special video for fans of The Week Junior.

Meet Author Ambassador Max Brallier

  • Did you know? Max Brallier is the author of the best-selling The Last Kids on Earth series, which Netflix turned into an animated show. If he could have any superpower, he told The Week Junior he’d like to have the power of invisibility so he could pull pranks on people!
  • The Last Comics on Earth is Max Brallier’s new graphic novelThe four main characters from The Last Kids on Earth decide to write their own comic.
  • Hear Max Brallier talk about The Last Comics on EarthHe made a special video for fans of The Week Junior.

Meet Author Ambassador Jerry Craft

  • Did you know? Jerry Craft received many rejections before he published his graphic novel New Kid, which went on to become the first graphic novel to win a Newbery Medal.
  • School Trip is Jerry Craft’s new graphic novel. It’s the last year of middle school for Jordan, Drew, Liam, and other characters, and the whole gang is going to Paris, France on a school trip!
  • Hear Jerry Craft talk about School Trip. He made a special video for fans of The Week Junior.

Are you looking for more books you may love reading? Check out our Summer of Reading book list from last year.


Summer of Reading boy reading

From everyone at The Week Junior, happy summer!