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Activities for kids

These how-to guides, recipes, crafts, and project ideas
make learning new skills exciting

Create your own comics

If you like to draw—and make people laugh—creating comics can be a fun activity to try. We spoke with comic book author Jarrett Lerner, who shared how you can get started. Plus: Download this form to create your own comic and send it to us at The Week Junior. Your comic may be published in an upcoming issue!


Tell us about your school!

Besides being a great place to learn, school offers a great opportunity to make friends, try new things, and give back to others. Plus, use our form to tell us what you appreciate about your school. Have an adult email your form to us at hello@theweekjunior.com, and we may share it in a future issue of the magazine!


Take a swing at golf

More than 66 million people around the world play golf, a sport loved for its endless possibilities and accessibility to people of all ages. If you want to give it a try, here’s how to get started.


Recycle to make a bird feeder

Did you know plastic or metal containers can be reused to help feed the birds in your neighborhood? We can teach you how to create recycled feeders for feathered friends.


Declutter your space

Spring is a time when people often deep-clean their homes, making now a good time to tidy up your belongings. In a few simple steps, you can have your room organized.


Make shamrock lollipops

Spruce up your St. Patrick's Day—or just celebrate spring—with these shamrock lollipops made from green apple candies.


Plan your spring garden

Spring is nearly here, making now a good time to start planning a vegetable or flower garden. Get ready for the planting season with these easy tips.


Bake up butternut squash and feta pasta

With just seven ingredients, you can make this scrumptious baked pasta dish. It's packed with sweet squash and salty, creamy feta cheese.


Try indoor rock climbing

Indoor rock climbing is a sport that’s growing in popularity every year, with approximately 6 million people in the US now participating. And because it’s an indoor sport, you can do it any time of year. Here’s how to get started.

rock climbing

Make a silhouette portrait of yourself

Did you know you can use colored paper to create a silhouette (a shape that looks like your shadow)? It's a cool way to see yourself from a new perspective, and you can display the finished portrait for all to see.


Appreciate fine art

Going to an art museum or gallery can be fun—but for many people, viewing art can feel intimidating or even boring. Find out how you can connect with paintings, sculptures, and more.


Make veggie miso fried rice

Enjoy this tasty twist on a classic dish. Made in just one pan, it turns leftover rice into a savory delight.


Craft Valentine’s Day cards

Valentine’s Day offers a great opportunity to show special people in your life—whether friends, siblings, parents, or other relatives—that you care about them. Here's how to give your friends and family a homemade surprise to make them feel extra loved.


Make paperweights from rocks

You can use paint or cut-out paper shapes to decorate small rocks and use them as paperweights. This personalized craft also makes a delightful gift.

Mix up a crunchy snack

Try our recipe for a fun and festive snack mix. With the crispy crunch of cereal and a sweet-and-salty combo of peanut butter, white chocolate, and strawberry, this mix hits all the right notes.


Prepare for a test

If taking a test makes you feel worried, there are many easy ways to prepare and feel better. These strategies can help you feel confident about demonstrating your knowledge.


Make cards with eraser stamps

Did you know you can cut out shapes from erasers to create stamps? Pressing the stamps onto an ink pad allows you to decorate a card with animals, flowers, balloons, or anything else you want!


Be a wise reader

As you read news, it’s important to evaluate what is fact and what is not. In honor of National News Literacy Week, here are some steps to follow when deciphering information.


Make creamy potato soup

Roasting the potatoes and cauliflower in the oven brings extra flavor to this smooth and savory soup. Sliced green onions and a few roasted veggie pieces provide the perfect garnish.


Reflect on your year

Mark the end of 2022 with one of these fun and interesting activities


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