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Activities for kids

These how-to guides, recipes, crafts, and project ideas
make learning new skills exciting

Prepare for a test

If taking a test makes you feel worried, there are many easy ways to prepare and feel better. These strategies can help you feel confident about demonstrating your knowledge.


Make cards with eraser stamps

Did you know you can cut out shapes from erasers to create stamps? Pressing the stamps onto an ink pad allows you to decorate a card with animals, flowers, balloons, or anything else you want!


Be a wise reader

As you read news, it’s important to evaluate what is fact and what is not. In honor of National News Literacy Week, here are some steps to follow when deciphering information.


Make creamy potato soup

Roasting the potatoes and cauliflower in the oven brings extra flavor to this smooth and savory soup. Sliced green onions and a few roasted veggie pieces provide the perfect garnish.


Reflect on your year

Mark the end of 2022 with one of these fun and interesting activities


Sleep away from home

Sleepovers and overnight trips can be fun, but it can be hard to be away from your routine at home. The good news is that there are simple steps you can take to prepare yourself to have a great time.


Celebrate Lunar New Year with a craft

Cherry blossoms are often used to decorate for Lunar New Year because they are a sign of new beginnings. Make your own cherry blossom branch decorations out of tissue paper, using these instructions.


Try out ice skating

This winter sport is a fun way to stay active in the colder weather, and you don’t need much more than a pair of ice skates to participate. Here’s how to get started.


Bake up falafel dippers

Our falafel is a delicious mix of ground up chickpeas, onion, garlic, spices, and herbs. Instead of frying it, we bake it until it's golden brown for an even easier—and healthier—dish.


Bake delicious holiday cookies

With these fun recipes, you can make homemade treats for your family and friends. Try out chewy ginger molasses cookies, chocolate peppermint thumbprints, drizzled graham cracker bites, or our adorable snowmoji treats.


Decorate for the holidays

As the days get colder and people spend more time indoors, you and your family may want to decorate your home for the season. You may have holiday decorating traditions that you maintain each year, but we can help you add some extra touches that will make your home feel festive. 


Cook broccoli cheddar soup

A creamy, cheesy soup with a healthy serving of vegetables is just what these winter days call for. It's great served with toasted slices of crusty bread.


Give knitting a try

Knitting is a craft where you use yarn and needles to create items like hats, blankets, and scarves. Here's how to begin flexing your creative muscles with this relaxing activity.


Make a quick tortellini soup

Use packaged tortellini, tomato soup, and a few other ingredients to cook up a hearty and warming soup. It's great served with crusty bread.


Plan a friendsgiving meal

Hosting a friendsgiving (when friends gather together to show thanks for their friendships) can be a wonderful way to celebrate with people you care about. Here’s how to get started.


Turn fruit into clever turkey decorations

Many different fruits and nuts can be used to form these tasty turkeys. Try apples, clementines, grapes, berries, and almonds—or use up your leftover candy corn!


Make caramel apple cider

Fresh apple cider and caramel sauce combine in this sweet, warming beverage. Make it extra special with a cinnamon-sugar rim.


Try writing an editorial

If you feel strongly about an issue, writing an editorial is one way to express your opinion, explain the reason you feel the way you do, and encourage others to think more deeply about an issue. Here’s how to get started.


Make a traditional Japanese shibori bag

Shibori is a Japanese tie-dyeing technique that uses indigo dye to create striking patterns. Use these instructions to make your very own bag in the shibori style.


Navigate with a map

Before online maps were common, people would study paper maps to help them get to know a place or how to get there. Here’s how to begin seeing all that maps can reveal, such as an area's shape and where roads and waterways are located.


Craft a desert scene with dough

Play around with this simple flour and salt dough to add pizzazz to a pot of desert plants. You can thread the colorful "rocks" onto skewers to create eye-catching shapes..


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