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The Week Junior Book Club

The Week Junior Book Club

The Week Junior Book Club selects one book every month for kids and families to read and discuss together. See our most recent pick below!

November 2022 Book Club Pick
Mihi Ever After

By Tae Keller, illustrated by Geraldine Rodríguez (Henry Holt and Co.)

During recess, Mihi likes pretending to be a princess. Her friend thinks fourth graders are too old to play make-believe. Wanting to be like Snow White, Mihi climbs an apple tree anyway. She gets in trouble with the playground monitor and is sent to the library. There, she meets Savannah and Reese, two girls who also like princess stories. They take candy from the librarian’s refrigerator. After eating it, the inside of the refrigerator turns into a rainbow forest. They step into the forest and learn that they are in the Rainbow Realm, a magical place. They see Cinderella’s mice, who tell them that they can train to be princesses and could get their own fairy tale. But everything is not what it seems. When Mihi realizes they may be trapped there, she will have to choose between being a princess or having friends. This story is the first in a new series. It may make you question popular princess tales.


Meet Tae Keller

Hear award-winning author Tae Keller talk about her new book Mihi Ever After in a video she made for The Week Junior readers. 


Talk about Mihi Ever After

Discussion questions kids and families can use:

  1. Should kids be allowed to play make-believe as long as they want to?
  2. Why is it unfair of Mihi’s classmates to tell her that she’s not the princess type?
  3. Do you think Mihi is treated differently because she is Korean American?
  4. What could Mihi have done to be a better friend to Savannah and Reese?
  5. Should Mihi have told Sleeping Beauty to wear gloves?
  6. Would you have given away your locket if you were Mihi—or not?
Discuss November

October 2022 Book Club Pick
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Diper Överlöde

By Jeff Kinney (Amulet Books)

Greg’s older brother, Rodrick, takes center stage in the 17th book in this popular series. When Rodrick enters his rock band Löded Diper into a Battle of the Bands contest, he asks Greg to be a “roadie.” Greg accepts because he thinks being the brother of a famous musician is better than being a celebrity himself. Shortly before the band goes onstage for their first gig in more than a year, Rodrick realizes he left his drumsticks at home. He sends Greg to find a new pair, and this turns into a hilarious misadventure. When the band finally starts playing, the lead singer forgets most of the lyrics. They’ll need more jam sessions and luck to beat the other groups, especially a surprise competitor. The ending is epic! The drawings throughout the book contain many laugh-out-loud details, so be sure to look at them closely.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Diper Overlode book cover

Meet Jeff Kinney

Listen to bestselling author Jeff Kinney talk about his new book Diper Överlöde in a video he made for The Week Junior readers. To find out where he’ll be in person, check out the list of appearances he’ll be making on his Diper Överlöde book tour.

Jeff Kinney

Talk about Diper Överlöde

Discussion questions kids and families can use:

  1. Did Greg act wimpy in this book? In what way?
  2. Was Greg’s reason for helping the band selfish? Should the band have paid Greg to help?
  3. Should Greg have told his brother that he didn’t think some of the band’s ideas would work out?
  4. What else could Löded Diper have done to become popular?
  5. Was it fair that the band’s singer didn’t get to sing his favorite songs?
  6. What part made you laugh the most?
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